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Established in 1970, Cirrus Research is dedicated to the measurement of noise, and the prevention of health issues caused by exposure to excessive noise levels.

Protecting drivers and navigators from excessive noise levels

In partnership with rally driver Ashleigh Morris, we conducted research into the noise levels drivers and their navigators are exposed to during a stage of the MSN Circuit Rally Championship at Donnington. Specifically designed to capture personal noise exposure data, the Cirrus Research doseBadge5 is the perfect instrument to use to monitor the noise levels inside any racing vehicle, allowing you to take the necessary steps to prevent irreparable damage being done to the occupants' hearing.


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Making Health & Safety Heard

In conjunction with Specsavers, Cirrus Research is continuing to raise awareness of health and safety in motorsport by reaching a landmark partnership with MSNCRC. With our long-standing relationship within motorsport, we are continuing to develop unique solutions to help drivers, navigators, vehicle technicians and spectators enjoy the thrill of motorsport safely.


The graph above shows the overall measurement values during a 15-minute recording period. The peak was 133 decibels, which falls below the lower occupational noise exposure limit of 135 decibels. However, the LAeq was 101.5 decibels, meaning that in a normal working environment, hearing protection should be worn. Thankfully, the crash helmets worn by all racing drivers offer enough protection without the need for additional ear defenders or earplugs to be worn.

Monitoring external vehicle noise levels and around the circuit

In addition to providing solutions for drivers, navigators and pit workers/mechanics, we're also able to offer equipment to measure external vehicle noise levels and to monitor the overall noise around a race circuit.

The Optimus+ vehicle noise testing kit has been specifically designed to make exhaust noise measuring easier than ever before and can be used to ensure that competitive vehicles are compliant with motorsport regulations.

Products like the MK:440 Noise Sensor LITE or the Invictus noise monitoring system can easily be installed around race tracks and provide up-to-date and accurate noise data, which can help you monitor your impact on noise pollution in the wider environment.

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